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General Terms and Conditions of Swiss Park & Fly Service
All our services are fully subject to these terms and conditions, unless they have been changed or supplemented by written agreements.

Our offers are limited in time, either according to the legal regulations or according to the special information in the offers themselves. Our offers are of a confidential nature and may only be made available for inspection to those persons who process our offers.

Prices, Orders and Platform
All prices quoted on our website are gross. All bookings are binding.

All bookings run through our partners (platform): Parkvia, Fluparks, Travelcar, Looking4, Onepark and Avadro also apply our terms and conditions. If it concerns a person who does not belong to a contract with us, such as late or none at all, we are to cancel the reservation. The customer is also able to get the money back from the booked platform in a self-adjusted manner. If the customer takes care of parking with Swiss Park & ​​Fly Service, the booking is made directly through us. The loss is then due again when the vehicle is handed over.

All booking changes before the vehicle is handed over must be made through the authority of responsibility. If the customer is already on vacation and stays a few days longer, you have to contact us directly and the differences will then be settled directly with the driver when the vehicle is picked up.

Payments / Cancel
We accept most major credit cards, cash, invoice or e-banking.

In the event of cancellation, the customer is obliged to contact us by email. You will only get the parking costs back if you choose a cancellation fee when booking. With a cancellation fee of 10 Swiss francs, you can cancel or change the booking without worry if the travel plans change, for example due to COVID19 reasons. If the booking has been paid for online, the parking costs will be refunded. If the cancellation is delayed or not canceled, the parking costs will not be reimbursed or billed. A basic fee of 80.- Swiss Francs will be charged for this.The customer has to pay the invoice within 7 days. No reminders are recorded and sent to customers. The operation takes place directly. The notification must be made two hours before the booked arrival time at the car park via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Swiss Park & Fly Service assumes no liability for delays in picking up at the parking lot or picking up at Zurich Airport caused by natural forces, traffic jams, breakdowns or other. We assume no liability for travel expenses such as flights, taxis or anything else. The customer undertakes to allow sufficient time for the vehicle to be handed over at the parking lot. We create a vehicle log so that the drivers and vehicles can be dispatched.

Surcharge - to be paid directly at the parking lot
A surcharge of CHF 20 will be charged for arrivals and departures between 10:00 p.m. and 4:30 a.m.

Extend the basic fee (return to Zurich Airport) / Extend Parking - If the Travel plans should change or the Flight is canceled, you have to contact us directly via Email. Each additional day costs CHF 15.-. In the case of flight delays, we wait up to two hours and if the flight is postponed on the same day or when the customer can fly again, we can only make the transfer if we have customers. The customer is obliged to organize the transfer to the parking lot himself and the customer can reclaim the additional costs such as taxi from the travel insurance company or from the airline.

If you do not cancel or if you provide incorrect Information about the booking, we will charge a basic fee of CHF 80.-. 

Payment terms
The payment must be made either by bank / postal transfer or by credit card, at the latest 10 days after order fulfillment.
We reserve the right to demand a different payment method. The retention of payments and the settlement of our claims with counter-claims not accepted by us is not statutory.

For any disputes, Switzerland law is applicable. The court is Bülach.
Our company will at all times endeavor to solve possible differences with their customers amicably and amicably.

Child seats

If you are traveling with your children and need a child seat for the shuttle transfer, we will provide it free of charge.

Car Wash / Tank filling

On customer's request, the vehicle is cleaned or fueled. The costs will be added in addition to the reservation of the parking lot. We point out to the customer that we have to drive with the vehicle to the car wash or to the gas station and thus also with the vehicle kilometers are made.

Transfer vehicles to Parking A (8184 Bachenbülach) or B in (8180 Bülach) 

When the vehicle is handed over, we inform customers that we have to transfer vehicles, especially in seasonal times, due to the lack of parking spaces.

The distance from the parking lots is approx. 5 km one way.

If the customer wishes to pick up the vehicle in the parking lot where it was left, it is a total of approx. 10 km that the vehicle can drive.


Keep your key / Key handover
We require the vehicle keys from every customer because we have to move the vehicles for the reasons mentioned above.

If a customer insists on not handing over the keys, we will charge a fee of CHF 30.-.

Swiss Park & Fly Service is not liable for damage to the vehicle such as theft, hail, soiling, etc. while staying in the area. The vehicle owner undertakes to check his own insurance. The vehicle is insured by us when transferring from Parking A in Bachenbülach to Parking B in Bülach. Damage to the vehicle that occurred in the parking lot is not insured by us.


Important instructions
The vehicles are cleaned by the car wash and the general terms and conditions of the car wash apply.

If the customer is delayed, the journey cannot be guaranteed. The transfer to the airport must therefore be carried out by the customer himself. 

If the shuttle bus waits up to 10 minutes at the parking lot, it is free. If you wait more than 10 minutes, you pay CHF 20 per hour or part there of directly to the driver.

The time specified when booking means the time of arrival at the parking lot. That means for us you will appear at the parking lot at this time. You have to contact us 30 minutes before the stated arrival time at the parking lot and let us know when you will arrive approximately. So that the driver can plan all customers for the trip to the airport.

If a customer does not accept our terms and conditions, we reserve the right to reject a customer.

For administrative reasons, payments in euros are calculated 1: 1 in francs.

We charge 1.5% of the amount for payments with debit cards and 2.5% for credit card payments.

I definitely recommend the Swiss Park & Fly service. They have an easy booking system and I am very happy that I was able to book online! Their chauffeur was very kind and helped me with my baggage. My car was washed and I had a bottle of water in my cup holder. The fees were quite reasonable and I will be using them the next time I need parking for a flight.
Markus Fankhauser
Software Developer
A huge recommendation! This was by far the best airport parking experience I have ever had! Jasin is absolutely amazing. A pleasure to do business with. He runs his company very smoothly and with Genuine kindness and care!
Ursula Widmer
Financial Manager
Five stars for Swiss Park and Fly service. They are really professionals in this job. They pay attention to every detail, true perfectionists, and I like that. Once, when my flight was cancelled they refunded my payment without any problems. I wish you good luck!!!
Andreas Wenger
Physical Therapist
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