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Do you go on the flight and think about where to leave your car? Do you have any concerns about whether your vehicle is safe and in the same spot where you parked it? With our Park & Fly service, your vehicle is safely stored on our car park, which is only a few kilometers from Zurich Airport.

Airport parking Zurich online booking
Book online or call us on +41 79 228 80 00 to reserve a parking space.
Airport parking Zurich Swiss airports
Meet and greet
At the agreed time you will meet our chauffeur directly at your desired parking location.
Airport Zurich parking departure
After a quick transfer of your vehicle, our chauffeur will drive you on the direct way to Zurich airport and thus be able to continue your journey without problems.
Airport Zurich parking arrival
After picking up your luggage, just call the chauffeur so he can drive up with a shuttle bus.
Download the new Park & Fly app now and benefit from a 5% discount
We always strive to increase customer satisfaction. That's why we developed the Park & Fly app. To make the booking process more efficient.
Our prices at Zurich Airport include transfer
  1   D a y     4 0     C H F
  2   D a y s   5 0     C H F
  3   D a y s   6 0     C H F
  4   D a y s   6 5     C H F
  5   D a y s   7 0     C H F
  6   D a y s   8 0     C H F
  7   D a y s   1 1 0   C H F
  8   D a y s   1 0 5   C H F
  9   D a y s   1 2 0   C H F
1 0   D a y s   1 0 5   C H F
1 1   D a y s   1 3 0   C H F
1 2   D a y s   1 4 0   C H F
1 3   D a y s   1 5 0   C H F
1 4   D a y s   1 6 0   C H F
I definitely recommend the Swiss Park & Fly service. They have an easy booking system and I am very happy that I was able to book online! Their chauffeur was very kind and helped me with my baggage. My car was washed and I had a bottle of water in my cup holder. The fees were quite reasonable and I will be using them the next time I need parking for a flight.
Markus Fankhauser
Software Developer
A huge recommendation! This was by far the best airport parking experience I have ever had! Jasin is absolutely amazing. A pleasure to do business with. He runs his company very smoothly and with Genuine kindness and care!
Ursula Widmer
Financial Manager
Five stars for Swiss Park and Fly service. They are really professionals in this job. They pay attention to every detail, true perfectionists, and I like that. Once, when my flight was cancelled they refunded my payment without any problems. I wish you good luck!!!
Andreas Wenger
Physical Therapist
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